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  1. What you mean with the last words ? Because if you are taking about GTA online then the last update fixed all these things , you can now sell in invite only session and no need to play GTA online in solo public anymore , the update called enterprise.
  2. Changing mtu is what I did as u said , but the problem with dead bodies disappearing happen all the time with me and can't play any mission with other players. I tried to change the number I enter in mtu and I found any number above 800 will make other players in my session , really this error "changed session due to network error" is very annoying and I see this error message every couple of minutes, perhaps it's related to my weak wifi.
  3. I'm playing solo session by making changing my network solution as in GTA online. But there's a huge problem with that solution when I see the message "I'm in new session cuz network error" , when this happen then alot of things disappear , like the dead bodies etc. Then I miss alot of looting , and I wish if rockstar make invite only session as in GTA online , and I think alot of red dead fans wish the same , and I hope we can point this option to rockstar team so its possible to exist someday. So if there's another way to make solo session without seeing that error I'll appreciate anyone to tell me about it.
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