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  1. haha nice ima give that a try thanks
  2. so im trying to do the sharp shooter 3 challenge but soon as i shoot at a bird on the train i become wanted and the guards on the train attack me is there anyway to do this challenge without becoming wanted
  3. well i went there and ran around for ages and nothing happend so maybe its a glitch or something
  4. thanks yea i went there nothing happend while i was there i will just see what happens when im there next
  5. but i havent done anything to get a bounty to go beyond it and it only says it in in that one spot from the picture
  6. so i was scanning over my map and in grizzlies east it came up wanted dead or Alice but i have no bounties on me and its only saying it in one section
  7. im struggling to find any 3 star animals but rabbits are becoming the burden of my life lol i went out the way to get the buck trinket and still no luck
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