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  1. Capturing, breaking, and selling horses can also be a source of money, but not much if you take them to the stable as soon as you break them. Once you've ridden them a little and upped their stats and love, then you get a little more for them. I'm surprised, however, that you don't get more for horses .. especially given as much trouble as they are to capture, break, and deliver to the stables compared to something like hunting and fishing - I would assume the low money is because of how easy it is to STEAL horses lol.
  2. The tonics are also trivial to make if you've learned how, using herbs that you find while hunting, another source of money. Same for herbivore and predator bait.
  3. Non story except that people's livelihoods are literally being destroyed, people are being assaulted in the street for wearing MAGA hats, Tucker Carlson's house was surrounded just a day or two ago and antifa terrified his wife yelling and breaking the front door, etc. People lose their jobs over stuff like this, get kicked out of college, etc, just for their speech. This isn't something you can just hand wave away as being a non-story - it's indicative of a trend. Youtube has been banning conservative channels left and right (and some leftist channels too). This is becoming the issue of the day. Infowars, which is like the national enquirer or the U.S. News and World report, a channel that literally talks about alien conspiracy theories and theories about making frogs gay ... was banned on all major platforms. It's a thing. This guy that had his channel banned, he was pulling down about 20k$us/month with that channel, that's his livelihood ... whether he eats and has shelter rests on who is outraged by his comments and whether Youtube will delete his channel or not, and he's not alone.
  4. Hunting, in a smart way. If you are selective about which animals you shoot, use the correct rifle so you don't ruin the pelts, etc, you can make good money hunting. Also ... always riding with a varmint rifle out so you can always land a turkey, bunny, squirrel, etc, along your path is a good idea ... never enter town without something to sell ... Fishing. I find fishing an easier way to make money. You can carry a lot of fish, of each type, they don't go bad on your horse, and they are worth a good bit of money. The best (most valuable) fish are generally the harder ones to catch. It's a good skill to learn for making money. Just to see how much and report in this post ... I just sold about 15 fish for $50 in the game at the butchers.
  5. I'm more irritated that she was in the game to begin with ... this game is FILLED with SJW nonsense. That said, nobody seems to care that you literally killing hundreds of men in the game ... I made this same statement about the decision by DICE to put women in Battlefield V. I mean you mix teenage boys with female character customization and Youtube .. what could possibly go wrong ? One of the funniest statements I heard in reaction to DICE deciding to put women in a World War 2 game was ... "DICE is brainwashing me to be violent to women!" lol. One of these days feminists will have to decide if they are 1) as strong, capable, independent, and powerful as men ... or 2) fragile creatures that retire to the fainting couch and reach for the smelling salts every time someone says something that could offend them.
  6. It's no accident why you thought that ... that's exactly what they told you in the first chapter of the game lol. They did a terrible job of explaining how it works.
  7. I found that confusing too, don't worry, it can make sense, they just didn't explain it well ... There are basically three horse riding modes, one is near camp, one is with people, the third is by yourself. 1) Near camp the only speed is SLOW. 2) With other people you are essentially riding as a group, and you can indeed get moving and then press and hold the "X" while you are at least second in line following someone else in the gang, but that won't work if you are first in line. You can move up in line by double tapping "X". When in doubt, just hit "X" lol. 3) When it's just you and the horse and you are riding out in the world, I'll tell you how I do it, and you can take it for what it is. I use the 1, 2, or 3 tap method. While pressing forward on the left joystick ... 1 tap - this is where I tap the "X" every stride of the horse, tap, tap, tap, tap, and that makes the horse go very fast, but it also slowly loses stats and pants, this is the stride when you're running away from a pack of something that you simply won't be able to survive, and also when you just want to get somewhere in a hurry and you know the horse can rest when you get there. I also do this when the horse is still just to get it going, then lower back down to 2 tap. 2 tap - this is where I tap the "X" every other stride of the horse, tap, pause, tap, pause, tap, pause, tap, pause, and that makes the horse run at a sustainable stride without losing stats, but it won't let the horse recover stats from 1 tap, for that you have to switch to 3 tap until stats recover. 3 tap - this is where I tap the "X" every third stride of the horse, tap, pause, pause, tap, pause, pause, tap, pause, pause, as the horse is running, and this is sustainable indefinitely, but is a little slower than 2 tap, and is really good for letting the horse make fast progress while recovering from 1 tap. To stop the horse no matter what speed it is going, just stop tapping, and stop pressing forward on the left joystick, and it will slow down and come to a stop.' Pay attention to the ring around the lightning bolt symbol, if you are doing the 1-tap above you'll start to see the lightning bolt blink and the ring move down, that's your horse getting tired ... you'll hear it panting. Hope that helps.
  8. Use your binoculars to study animals first, it tells you what rifle to use - repeater, varmint, bow, rifle, etc ...
  9. I wrote a lengthy response on how to do this ... but then I realized, you didn't actually ask for (and may not want any!) help lol.
  10. No spoiler for mine ... shooting a pristine squirrel. Do you know how freaking hard it is to even FIND a pristine squirrel, much less chase it down on horse, track it as it darts through the freaking weeds, and dead eye land a shot on it with a bow with small game arrows or a varmint rifle ? And dead eye doesn't even work perfectly with a bow, the arrow is too slow, so you still have to lead it .. and it's a very small target. This is a target of opportunity for me, and I don't even bother now trying to figure out which squirrels are in what condition, I just shoot at every damn squirrel I see ... I must have killed 30 squirrels without landing on a pristine one yet. I'd rather face 10 bad guys at once than go off looking for a pristine squirrel ... which I have done on a few occasions only to get frustrated and quit looking for them lol ...
  11. I typically go to sleep for a few hours (in game obviously) and then hit save, then change the save slot to a new one when I want to be able to go back to that spot.
  12. I'm going to intentionally pretend you didn't teach me that RDR2 has a reload .... RDR2 is fun and all, but I don't want to mess up the muscle memory I have in Battlefield as that is my main game and Battlefield V is just around the corner.
  13. Btw, the reload button PS4 in RDR2 is "O", it's square in BF1, so it's there but it's a different button. I learned something, I didn't even know it was there. Yes I had that same problem in BF1 because I play medic so much and I'm accustomed to only having a few shots in my rifle, and it takes me consciously making myself stop reloading when I have a gun with more ammo. Or, rather, I just reload more than I need to, it's like having all the disadvantages of my medic rifle with all the disadvantages of the new weapon lol.
  14. No, it's not true ... in RDR2 on PS4, pressing the square button does NOT reload. There is a counter saying how many rounds you have, but the reload is automatic once you hit zero, the control is not the same as in Battlefield 1.
  15. Erm ... is that true ? lol. Uhh ... I'll have to test that. I'm rank 150 in Battlefield 1, so it's actually possible I've been reloading without even thinking about it LOL, it's muscle memory for me. I'm going to go and check ... that would be hysterical if I've actually been reloading this entire time without even realizing I was doing it ...
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