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  1. The highest buy in I can find is in St. Denis (apart from a later mission) - is there anywhere you can go to play for higher stakes?
  2. Stole $350 off me and I never had a clue - by the time I ran outside he was on a horse and away!
  3. This game has literally thought of everything, would love to see this! One moment that scared me:
  4. I have, done loads of main missions, loads of random ones - I have been going back every couple of days and just cannot get it!
  5. I feel like I have done all of this and the horse just won't come out to play!!
  6. Maybe doing the legendary animal hunt before scared it off?
  7. I'm definitely in the right area, west side of the lake - it is just simply not there!
  8. Hi, I have spent what feels like 4 days trying to find this white horse in the snow near Lake Isabella. I have watched videos and I just simply cannot find this bloody stallion! When I first went to this area I went on the legendary animal hunt yet I never seen the horse during this gun fight and hunt. I have not seen foxes kill the horse either. I have been back to this location days later and still can't find it, never seen it once! I have even camped and slept to see if this helps and still no sign of it. Has it died and therefore I cannot get access to this horse now?
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