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  1. Ît looks like that the x version looks more soft as the pro version, both versions uses a checkerboard resolution. I watched the digital foundry analyze video. X has better reflections and slightly improved shadows. Colours looking dull for me in all versions. Artists choice? For me rdr2 or rockstar do something in the background. Somedays the graphic of rdr2 looks fine and when I start the game again all looks blurry like hell. I´m done with the game and I hope they fix it in an add on. I saw that Mexico is integrated in the game. I think the game is boring without main and sidequests. It is no fun to complete the cardsets or anything else. It is only my own opinion.
  2. The demo of resident evil 2 looks not like a 4k resolution game, but the quality is not switching from time to time. But this is not a game for me. This is so terrifying. Not a game for someone with ptsd. For me this is the biggest problem to play rdr2. The switching resolution quality on the pro. Anyone knows something of an upcoming dlc?
  3. Has the game the same resolution? It has a big palette of special effects. I saw videos of xbox one s and the game looks terrible on this console. Can it be that the pro cannot output real UHD with HDR correctly? I´ve watched gaming videos and new hdr tech videos with the you tube app of my tv, and all looks more detailed, not crisper, detailed. Uses the pro upscaling at any time? It is strange that games with native 1440p like uncharted 4 looking more detailed and the texture quality is looking more detailed too. For me 1440p seems to be the best solution for the ps4 pro. Only 3 Games looking better with checkerboarding resolution (spiderman, god of war and horizon zero dawn) I can nothing say to shadow of the colossus. The game looks boring to me. The world looks to empty. Checkerboarding seems not the best solution for me to fit the pro games. I will look at the demo release of resident evil 2 remake. With a good cable 1440p looks nearly like real 4k on a 55 inch tv. I don´t know how it would be looking on a bigger tv. I hope we receive a cleaner game experience in an upcoming dlc. For me hdr games looking much better and a bit clearer in yuv420, not automatic function. The automatic function seems not working well on all games. Can you create a comparison video with rdr2 material and res2 remake material? This would be interesting and it would be interesting how fast capcom fixes that checkerbarding issue. I hope they cap the game to 30 frames, not that stuttering of monster hunter world. Sorry, for posting that in this thread, but this seems to be an equal problem.
  4. the 6 feet cable is the same cable. 3 feet is very short. It is the only cable with all the new 2.1 features in germany. On a 2.0b TV it uses only a higher signal, lower input lag, stable quality in all resolutions. The brightness is slightly higher. You can see that in apps like netflix or amazon prime too. It is different. The biggest difference is for me the witcher 3 with hdr. Ok, but this is the graphical blur issue thread of rdr2
  5. The cable do a great job, but it fixes not the problems of rdr2. I´m using the 3 feet version of this cable. I´ve tested a lot of other cables, but this is the best. Really no input lag or very low in any games. Colours are more intensive on hdr and slightly more image sharpness. Well, this fix not the problems in rdr2. Spiderman or other new titles looking slightly better with this cable. Yes I think too, They love tv effects. They use all of cinematic effects in red dead redemption 2
  6. I will show you that the hell of motion blur is back in this two videos. I created the videos for a half hour. Before the online update gunrush was releeased the motion blur effect was minor for me and the whole game was playable, but now look at the two videos.
  7. The thread had a lot more sites before they cut it. We must now on 70 sites of discussion the blurry image. Switching to PC Mode on my TV gives me no quality improvement. It seems that the HDR is working better in game mode as in the pc mode on my tv. Input lag is lower for me in game mode. RDR2 needs a very low input lag, because of the slower animation speed and the lower response time. I´m done with the game too. It is one of the best game experiences when the game is working propperly. When !!!! It is by the way the crappiest checkerboard rendering implementation of all ps4 pro enhanced games Strange is for me, that the game looks fine in some parts and in other parts of the game it looks terrible. In Armadillo I´m sitting 4 metres away from my tv and all looks blurry. When I´m standing still, the picture is high detailed, and when I´m only moving stick of the controller 1 millimeter the blurry hell goes on. With the heathazing of armadillo you see no details anymore.
  8. No it is not only a tv issue. Look at the foliage of bigger trees. You see a doubling effect on the foliage and some pixels of thefoliage are out of place. You can see the same on hair and clothes. Strange is for me, the effect is much stronger again since the new online update that comes out for two days. The heavy motion blur is back, with the update. De juttering can´t fix the problem. The only solution is again the 1080p mode. I would play with a lower level of detail pof grass distance, but I need a crisp image. For all of you where the tv receives no update in upscaling, it must now looking more worst than before. Isn´t it? This is a shame. Is it now 860p in higher resolution mode. I don´t know, but it looks like that now. Edit: All my other games looking crisp
  9. Has anybody the same problem that the graphic looks more blurry as before those new online updates. Playing in the desert is so terrible and the woods looking totally washed out again. Why the hack the online updates are not shown on the ps4 dashboard or menu? The heavy motion blur is back for me since the online updates When the game works probably it is one of the best titles I´ve ever played. I hope patch 1.06 fixes that issues. Online looks more blurry too.
  10. It is really weird. I use an older savegame of the game, because I would play now the missing quests of john marston sadie adler and other chars and the problem exists. Again all is blurry and looks more muddy and lesser detailed. I don´t know what it is but it is lesser in the middle part of the game and at the end. This looks so terrible. A bit sharper as before, because of the tv update, but the eyecancer is back.
  11. It is strange. In the systemsoftware version before 6.20. I saw no difference, but now it is clearer and it runs smoother in the most scenes. I´ve tested it again and again. Yes it sounds stupid, but it is the truth for me. I´m done now with the game. With the story. It is no good PS4 Pro port, the grphical quality is switching to often. No fix only lesser blur for me since the release day. I don´t know why that works for me. The graphic in fast sequences needs a lot more optimization. Sometimes the graphic looks absoulutely stunning and than it looks more like crap. The fog and lighting shafts have now a lesser quality I think. I see a lot of artifacts in the lightshafts. On releaseday the lightshaft quality and fog quality was finer. Resolution of the shafts seems to be changed. I hope for all of you that the checkerboarding will be fixed. This is a kind of a mess. I don´t know why it is so complicated to use a native 1440p. I can´t understand why it is so difficult to delete the taa. The witcher 3 is not using taa, but uses the same checkerboarding resolution and it looks in all scenes crisper and sharper. I can´t understand it, because the performance would be better without the crappy taa. Without the technical issues this game is a real masterpeece for me. The story is very long and the tempo is lower as in the most other modern games, but it works. It reflects the old spirit of western movies in the past. The length of the story could be a bit shorter. If you play only the story you need over 70 hours. I think 50 hours are enough. This is to long. I don´t know what guys have the time to explore the whole game and complete it totally.
  12. No it is not only the TV. The checkerboard rendering is really bad, but with the tv update and with the reducing of the motion blur it looks much better. It is really necesarry to use a hdmi premium cable. It is a big difference in all games. I think sony changes something too, with update 6.20 of system software. I think rockstar has changed the motion blur with the latest patch. It is minor now. You can feel the change, when you turning around the camera in third person. It is all clearer and causing no headache. With the tv update other titles looking now like real 4k, especially god of war, shadow of the tomb raider and spiderman I´m now in the epilogue of thge game and have really enjoined the story of the game. With systemsoftware update 6.20 it is a big difference for me ,to play with boost mode or without boostmode. I turn it off now for cleaner graphics and lesser stuttering. All this is really strange, but now the fanspeed of the ps4 pro and the noiselevel is a bit higher in newer games. Strange
  13. happy new year, I think only the motion blur is more minor and gives a crisper image and my tv receives an update that interpolated better checkerboard resolutions. Nothing more. You can turn around the camera and you will see the motiion blur is lesser. The game is completely playable now and yes it is for me the best open world that I ever saw in a videogame. Later in the game their are so many places that are looking absoloutely incredible. Chekerboard and taa destroying the immersion a little but overall it is a better gameexperience with the lesser motion blur effect on rotating camera.
  14. I saw it on normal playstation 4 now and it is really a shame it looks so good on the older playstation 4 and better as the ps4 pro 1080p mode. I hope the PC Version comes next year. I think the pc version leaked video cannot be a fake. We need a shading tool like reshade to decrease the issue on ps4 pro. Ok with my tv update otther games looking now a way better too. I cannot play everything else because, than the graphic looks blurry again. I mean against the other games.
  15. My tv becomes an update and I can play it now and all of the game is great, but the graphics are not top notch, but the motion blur seems to be a lit reduced in patch 1.05 and I became no tired eyes anymore. The game is one of the best games I´ve ever played, but the technical aspects of the game destroying the immersion a little in conclusion to the xbox one x version. This is so strange just cause becomes better graphics with the first patch and a button to turn off the blur. Nothing from Rockstar. The blur is lesser in online mode. It looks not like the one x version but it is definetely one of the best looking games now for me.
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