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  1. I need a panther pelt for my satchel upgrade. Can't seem to find one tough. I've tried both at Old Harry Fen and Lagras. Tried with carnivore bait also. Is there a trick to it or?
  2. After I buy the ticket, it does fade out. After fade it puts me on the platform, no train no nothing
  3. Well that's just it. Even that I try to fast travel with a train (buying a ticket). No train spawns for me, I still have to wait for it to show up
  4. Why isn't the train on the map. Would be nice to see where it is and not have to chase it down. Also if I buy a ticket to the train, I still have to wait for it to come. Don't know for how long as I don't know where it is. Am I missing something or?
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