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  1. Haha... Angry? Y'all called me? I didn't hear the phone ring how do you detect anger in a text? Not angry just pointing out the ignorance of others. Commenting questions that had already been answered. Implying they haven't even read the thread. They are just here for attention. If you're going to help, or make suggestions please be practical about it. I'm surprised nobody asked of my PS4 was turned on. Lol 😂 This is clearly an ongoing issue, many people have been having this problem or problems alike. Nobody has been given proper answers or worthy suggestions. It's all stuff like, make sure your bed is made. We are clearly looking for advice or suggestions... From other people whom experienced similar issues and possibly resolved them, or people that actually know the situation. Please read before replying, you can't reply to something you haven't obtained the information for. BTW... Is this Minecraft or Red Dead Redemption? You're talking about outlaws, bandits, robbers, rapist, murderers, drugs, and guns. Yall soft hearted sheep playing this ? Haha! I don't give a fk about the single player, honestly. I'm an online gamer, unfortunately Rockstar released 1/2 of the finished product so I figured I'd waste some time. But after all that riggumaroll I am not interested.
  2. You don't ... Listen, this isn't my first game ever. All your advice is small talk. Save your time. I know how to uninstall, download, upload saved data to the online storage, install, close apps, and restart my ps4. I already did all this. I completely removed the game and all contents of the game from my system. I re-downloaded as if I just bought it. When I upload a saved file from the online backup (any of them, I have over 20 saves) NONE of my content is there... AFTER I ALREADY ONCE HAD IT. I was halfway through the game. Up until this point I was able to access the free horses that I paid for with real $$$ during the pre-order. I ALREADY HAD THE DLC UP TO THIS POINT. As I stated in the original TOPIC; I also lost all of everything I earned in the game. My guns - gone! My Saddle - gone! And yes, I know how to play. I went to the gunsmith, I went to the stable, I went to the camp, etc. I am in the middle of chapter 3 with $24.38 and a pistol, a knife, a bow, and a donkey! NOW: If I start a new game from scratch, all of my content is there / available. The horses, the outfits... Just as it was when I first started playing. But if I load a saved game, it's like my first day playing except for the game completion and missions. Who the hell wants to go into chapter 4 broke with no guns, and no horse, and no I can't go get the gold bars... I did that already which is why I had all upgraded gold guns and saddle and horse. I had 5 gold bars and went to the fence for the 1st time ever, saw I had $2,800 and felt like lil pump about it. Went to the gunsmith, stable, and camp and upgraded. Continued to play for the next 2 days. (Mostly roaming and hunting) and made my way to chapter 3 (half way through) on the 3rd day. I decided to watch Netflix and for the first time ever I actually had to "close application". Ever since I tried to load a game ever again. It's been totally fkd up! P.S. Forum moderator, please tell your forum editing team to put the "cancel quote" button on the LEFT side of the screen. Because your "scroll all the way to the fkn top" button overlaps that button and makes things fuktarded.
  3. So I closed my application for the 1st time ever today. I opened it again to play later on and... All my sh*t is gone! Not only is my white Arabian gone, my DLC horses are gone and now I need to buy for $450! It gets worse, all my guns on that saddle and the saddle are gone! They we're all gold guns, gold knife, gold dual sawed offs, Everything I did at the gunsmith, all engraved and leathered. I now have a fkn tenny donkey and $300... The same sh*t happened in RDR1, I quit!
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