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  1. So I stole a stagecoach and took it to Seamus in emerald ranch but the barn wont open ( I already completed the initial mission to deliver him a stage coach). The fence wont unlock either. I have tried waiting until morning (several times) any ideas? Edit: So I left town set up camp and returned and that did the trick. Working now.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I guess I can understand that, but then again I dont see why anyone would retry a mission if there are no gains from doing so.
  3. I was playing a main mission (forget the name but the one in Chapter 2 where the captured O'Driscall takes you to their camp and you stealth them and find the money in the cabin). Well the first play time I did TERRIBLE, I was showing a friend and just being reckless..I stormed in there after a few kills stealth kills, guns a blazin'. Immediately upon taking the cabin I get the crime reported message and before within a few seconds the lawmen where on me. Knowing I could retry the mission, I thought..oh no worries if they kill me, i'll play it again the right way. So I died with a bounty. Well first thing i learned is redoing a mission where you get a bounty doesn't remove the bounty or any penalties incurred (such as loss of funds from death). That makes sense I suppose but after I replayed the mission...I was loaded out and placed back in my camp and while I got the message of my completed mission and I could see the goals completed and my silver ranking in my progress menu for the mission it still shows the 'killed' symbol and does not seem to record my better play through. Is that how retrying missions work? Its just for 'funsies' but how you do your first try is how the game plays out?
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