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  1. Best gun to use on the Legendary Grizzly? Thanks
  2. Tried giving a elk pelt to Pearson didn't work!!
  3. Newbie: Where do you store pelts after skinning till you get enough for upgrades? Thanks
  4. Is there a ledger (fast travel) in chapter 6?
  5. What is necessary to get through chapter 2 ??
  6. Did all 8 even replayed a couple after I toggled through the list.
  7. Got as far as chapter 2 can't go any farther??
  8. We are past chapter 2, have things to sell any way of unlocking a fence? Or have to start over? Have no saves till chapter 4. Thanks
  9. Have a few gold bars early like to get the cash.
  10. Is there away to unlock fences to sell gold bars,etc. ?? Pretty early in the game.
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