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  1. Anyone have expirience using XIM? I dont care playing RDR2 with keyboard and mouse. It does not work as it should and i love using controller. Im on Xbox one X and i hate button layout that we got to use with RDR2. I would like to have a one press button for horse fastest sprinting instead of tapping A to get full speed. Im wondering if XIM kit offering something like this? Cause i know that you can rebind controls. But can you make that you hold button instead of tapping it?
  2. As much as i want performance fixed i doubt they will improve much more. Game is running native 4k on Xbox one X. No way it can be stable 100%. However , i wouldnt mind dynamic resolution. That would be a great solution. Still , doubt they will do it, not that many players are sensitive to small drops and stutterings... Sadly i am.
  3. Alright. I tried Strawberry once again and i can say that its definetly stuttering for me. Im not sure if its frame pacing stuttering or fps drop. And it only stutters in the morning, when many graphics effects are in play. What i did i tried on my friends xbox one x ( which is also new). Same stuttering there. I guess im used to locked 30fps whole the time, and dropping down to 29-28 is so noticeable to my eye. Or could it be cause im playing from disc? Do you guys bought it on microsoft store? Also i may give a try to that 2.1 hdmi.
  4. Just run around the city, around general store. Its not that big city. If fps drops are common there you will notice it easy.
  5. Thank you! That way ill know if something is wrong with my console :)
  6. Thanks you for helping me! I dont use the true motion. Also Red dead redemption wasnt inside Xbox one X package. So im pretty sure i got the right hdmi 2.0 4k with console. Can any of you guys with Xbox one X run around in Strawberry and check if it stutters? Strawberry town is the area that stutters most for me. Maybe im just used to in not getting any stutters in games...
  7. Hello! I've bought Xbox one X and Red read redemption 2 bundle the other day. I was watching ton of reviews and digital foundry videos. Everybody saying Xbox one X version is very stable, performance is so good and so on... However i experience stuttering or fps drops often. Game is very smooth out in the wild with occasional stuttering , nothing annoying. But when in cities i get often stuttering and its so easy to notice, and i'm not even been to Saint Denis, i'm talking about smaller cities like Valentine and especially Strawberry (There i get a lot of stuttering). Also i noticed stuttering every time i'm looking at camp fire, also in some of the shops. Do you think its my new Xbox one X? Do you guys have stuttering free experience? Hows in Strawberry city for you? (That area stuttering the most for me). Maybe its just me used to games that are very stable 30 fps? But according to reviews this should be a stable 30 fps game. And Digital foundry said that on Xbox one X games stutterers only 4 time the whole play through. Thanks in advance!
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