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  1. I hope that in another five years our anniversary will be centered around Red Dead Online, but Rockstar has some work to do in order for that to happen. Out 5th anniversary is just getting started, looking forward to a fun week and a action packed weekend!
  2. Crew Challenge 177 - XDBX 5th Anniversary GTA meets RDR
  3. Still waiting for more features to use as a crew in Red Dead, anniversary week will be more GTA than Red Dead as it looks.
  4. In the works... https://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/forums/topic/18326-xdbx-5-years-planning/
  5. Update on rules for the Butcher Employee of the year!
  6. It was THIS big! ...join, we are just getting started!
  7. https://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/forums/topic/18267-the-butcher-employee-of-the-year-leaderboard/
  8. You are welcome to join, you will find the details on how to get going on the website. https://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/
  9. Website updated. Welcome: https://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/
  10. Tonights (EU evening) event will be held in Los Santos.
  11. The small posse of last nights ”Brokeback Friday”. After some freeroam messing around we did some missions and then a showdown series. Good fun!
  12. Fishing tournament coming up shortly! https://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/topic/18100-rdro-fishing-tournament/
  13. Saturdays meetup, I just hope we get some changes to suit the crew aspect of the game once we leave the beta status.
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