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  1. So I purchased a dutch warmblood from the stable in Valentine and bonded with it all the way up to a level 3 and then I heard about the white arabian in the wild so I went to go get that horse. I was successful so when I broke it in I transferred my saddle to the arabian and had the dutch warmblood follow me. Now some how on my way to the trapper to sell a legendary pelt the warmblood got lost and was out of range for me to whistle for it so I said okay i’ll just go back for it later or i’ll go to the stable and call it back since ya know I dished out $450 plus upgrades for it and the game isnt gonna screw me like that. WELL.... I was wrong I stabled the arabian and noticed my warmblood was gone and I only had one slot left in my stable and the warmblood wasn't in any of my slots so I took a random horse to go get him (I dont know why I did this) It turned out by the time I got to him the horse I was on bonded with me and took that last slot and my dutch warmblood completely disappeared. I get the principle behind red dead wanting to be super realistic but now I’m out $450 and I cant even sell it to make some of that back in a game where at first money is hard to come by. It’s a good game but this has really upset me even though I have a better horse now it’s just annoying that the game wouldnt save the horse I bought and ask me if i wanted to swap it out with another horse. Has anyone else had this issue and maybe gotten their horse back?
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