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  1. Hey guys imma try to keep this short. Now, where should I even start? The past couple of days have been so much fun! It's only been 2 days since the multiplayer has been released and my posse and I have put in 24 hours plus on it already. As the leader of the posse I find myself inviting tons of people to my tangent posse. Well I'm having to kick older members to let in new ones. If we could make the over all max in a posse like 100 or something that would be incredibly convenient. Keep parties at 7 but havinv to delete friends out of the "clan" so others can join is rather annoying. Also it would be cool to stay in my posse in the mini games! Fantastic game! In lvl 20 and Hardly any complaints. I wished I streamed my first two days because they were so much ****ing fun!! Feel free to join the fun by sending me a friend request PSN: Bluspartan27
  2. Lol I did press it once and waited. I also had the thought to give it the old collage try and do it again. When that didnt work is when i proceeded to spam. Chill out friend not everyone is blessed with a perfect playthrough dont ya know XD Also how does it make any rational sense that because the guy wont get on his horse all the sudden I dont understand the game. Get off your pedestal buddy
  3. I'm a simple gamer these days. I tried my hand a professional gaming and had small successes but never continued due to having issues with routine. So I'm not to bad at multiplayer games. Now I pretty much play whatever sounds fun, and I've been playing the Red Dead Series since the Revolver days. I absolutely love the idea of these games and they are nothing short of great. It's like living in your own Clint Eastwood movie! I love it! Any way thats very little about me and I want you guys to feel free to say hi or maybe hmu for a futures posse. Have fun guys and ttyl!
  4. I'm trying to Rob 4 cash registers and there are far to many glitches for this to be acceptable. Like the guy im trying to rob wont get out of the way of the register. Or how there is always a witness to the robbing even through walls. And in trying to get out of the situation I tried to get on my horse but he ****ing refused to mount so I just ran around the horse spamming triangle till he finally got on. Another thing that really just p*ssed me off was I stopped at a side quest in Saint Denis. It was some guy saying I could make some money quickly and to come down an alley with him to discuss the matter. Well sensing this is an obvious trap. I pull out my shotgun and follow him in hopes I can shoot him before he shoots me. So I walk behind him with shotgun in hand and watch my mini map for the instant they turn red so I can kill them without negative karma. Well some guy comes up behind you and knocks you out!! You cant do anything to stop it unless you want to kill "good" ppl. I LOST 1300$! And woke up leaning against a bench in the park. By this point in the game in so over having my sh*t taken from me! I rage quit in both of these instances so I sadly didnt capture any footage. But it was enough to really take me out of the game and find an available forum to post my rant on. Pretty irritated atm but im sure it will pass and I'll be playing again in the next couple of hours lol
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