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  1. I mean go back and read these comments lol ppl state obvious stuff and act like geniuses it's hilarious
  2. Well im in chapter seven, money is scarce, every mission puts a bounty on you, sh*t every time you fart you get two more so please don't try to defend these retarded game mechanics. They need to be addressed
  3. It has literally cost me over 10 legendary animal and fish, some after fighting fish for a good 5 minutes and it is killing the game for me. I don't even want to play it anymore
  4. Seriously every time you try to hunt or fish it is ruined every single time. Awesome game mechanics, these developers don't realize they ruin really good games with horrible programming. You can't hunt or fish while you are wanted and literally turning your horse and bumping someone over will get you bounty hunters after you. Please fix this sh*t, I could see around towns but this sh*t happens in the middle of ****ing nowhere
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