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  1. some missions even when you 100% fulfill the criteria you still get dumped with a silver, because you didn't do it the way you were "supposed" to.
  2. after 100 hrs i was on chapter 4. i could not be arsed with the story missions because of how sh*t they were and when i'd done literally everything else the game had to offer and all that was left was story missions it got sold, because they were so sh*t. the gold medal bullsh*t is annoying. the criteria is annoying, if you restart ANY checkpoint in ANY mission you VOID ALL criteria so you have to painstakingly sit through 20 minutes of chit chat bullsh*t only to do whatever stupid criteria within a 2 minute gunfight in the middle of a 20-30 minute mission. you can't restart retry or **** all. it's sh*t. it's ruined the game, i've had to sit through some of the missions 15 times. and **** me the game is a chore beyond a chore. granted, you only need 70 medals.. but i don't want to ****ing tryhard all ****ing 106 missions just for 70 of em,
  3. rockstar you need to learn how to make story missions, not awful. what is the point in creating a story if you expect people to skip all the cutscenes to get a shitty pointless gold medal? it should be 50 gold medals not 70. you've ruined your own game by forcing everyone that wants this shitty medals to play and replay and replay the same boring sh*t missions over and over and over and over, skipping all the pointless stuff you spent all theese years making whats the point? after like 100 hrs i think i barely started chapter 4. all because i spent up to 7 hrs on one mission sometimes. i bet this game has broke allot of sales records, but **** me in cex there was about 50 copies of the game. so i bet it broke trade in records too.
  4. every mission sucks.. you set your gear up, save, start the mission, then reload for whate ver reason and you have to set your gear up again, you die on a mission you have to wade through hours of pointless cutscenery for a 2 minute shootout with ****ing stupid criteria. im so close to trading the game in i've wasted the last 6 hrs of my life doing **** all but getting silver medals and i don't even know why so... the game doesn't tell you, doesn't give u any hints at all, you go to the help section, combat and it says "you can use melee combat" LOL seriously made by a gang of monkeys. you can grapple and throw and do **** tons of sh*t, where the info? why force us to figure all this sh*t out during story missions with time limits lol. i'll just trade it in, like i have every rockstar game i've ever bought, i knew it was a waste of both my time and cash.
  5. the mission where you have to knock out anders without him hitting you just pisses me off. and for some reason on the video where you see a guy doing it, he has notifications popping up telling him where he's managed to do one of the items on the list, but i can't find it anywhere.
  6. i was one of the few people that loved the beginning, i hammered them till gold i loved the snow it was like 6 hours of the hateful eight, lol amazing.
  7. i've always got maxxed out stuff, hell i have 30 weapons, 110 animals at 100% and 170 odd collectibles and im 1 mission into chapter 3. but when i replay missions i have nothing. i've done all but 4 missions gold till where i am, i've spent like 5 hrs on this one and it's confusing it should be so easy but it's not. the a strange kindness mission.
  8. i love everything about the game except main missions, hell yesterday i spent 8 hrs studying songbirds through binoculars and it was the most fun i've had in a game in forever, my only gripe is with story missions. they're so annoying, and when u retry it it's 10x more annoying. and it becomes a game of reloading and navigating menus. everything else about rdr2 is a dream. but the missions ruin the whole experience, because there's so ****ing many and even though u only really need 70, it's sucking every last bit of fun out of the game, one can take hours and hours.
  9. it's not for anyone in it's current state, it's a chore in a chore.
  10. I don't get it, why can''t we: craft during missions.. seems ****ing obvious to me, craft some tobacco or something so we're not reliant on a tiny ****in little pool to which we get stamina or dead eye from. restart a god damn mission from the pause menu? you create this ridiculous criteria we're supposed to tick off, making the game a boring slog, but we have to find some random way of dying just to get the option to restart the piece of sh*t? having to manually reload to then reload the mission and waste more time. the missions are hard the first time, but we can't see the criteria and then when we can see the criteria you've already ****ed us, it then becomes a painstaking boring arduous game of navigating 500 menus and manually reloading and saving. in a game where any number of random things that can happen to completely **** you up. i can spend 9 hrs retrying 3 missions and it's becomming a chore, the amount of hours spent just wading through menus and plain oversight on rockstar's part is driving me nuts.
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