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  1. Good call. Yeah, you don't need to have played the first Red Dead Redemption to enjoy this one, but having knowledge of the story in the first game will increase enjoyment in this one. There are lots of subtle details and conversations that have a lot of extra weight if you know what comes after. For instance, there is a scene in RDR2 where you learn to fish that has some amazing emotional symmetry with a scene at the very end of RDR1. Also there are some jokes that you won't realize are jokes if you aren't familiar with the first game. I agree with Kean_1 that Red Dead Redemption 1 is going to be hard to go back and play after 2. I played RDR1 start to finish 3 times over the last 8 years. It is still a great game, but the gameplay improvements in RDR2 are going to be difficult to lose. You might be better off watching one of those 20-30 minute Red Dead Redemption 1 recap videos on Youtube. Personal choice.
  2. Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp in Tombstone is basically my goal with Arthur - still working on the mustache length.
  3. I would have bought an X Box One X, but the problem is it doesn't have any exclusives I want. I have a high-end gaming PC too, so 90% of the Xbox One's "exclusives" are also on PC and I own them there. Just hoping for a 4K checkerboard patch for the PS4 Pro at this point - but also really hoping we'll see Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC in a year or two where I can play it at 60 frames per second with all the graphic tinkering options of GTA V on PC.
  4. I thought Clothing saved on the Horse was bugged too - because I would end up with the same outfit from Slot 1 when I tried to change to Slot 2, etc. What actually is the case is that it takes several seconds to change - so Arthur does the shrugging/shake animation in his clothes, nothing changes and you think the wrong outfit is in the wrong slot, but really, if you wait for several seconds after the animation finishes, the correct outfit will appear on Arthur. It takes just long enough that I was going "What the heck - nothing is happening! That same outfit was in Slot 2?!" And I'd go back to the Clothing option on the Horse menu - rinse and repeat. I think this is a loading issue, because it only seems to happen if you haven't swapped outfits recently. Once the new outfit is loaded, you'll find you can change back to the old one almost instantly and it occurs during the animation instead of after. I would LOVE it if they let us give custom names to Custom Outfit Slots, so it isn't just Slot 1, Slot 2, etc. and instead we could label them something, like "Crime", "Fancy", "Hunting", etc. I agree on the off-hand holster positioning. I don't care for it either, and would prefer to see Arthur wearing it in the traditional way. But yeah, it's probably because of the satchel, so Rockstar isn't going to change it.
  5. The only thing I did different was I turned the Sharpness Slider down to 0 BEFORE I turned the resolution back to 2160p, THEN I went back to the menu and increased it to max. It isn't perfect, and it isn't a huge difference, but it is a definite improvement. I sit about 4 feet back from a 55-inch 4K Samsung TV and the blurriness was driving me crazy. I haven't played around with it a lot (getting ready for work), but I'm in the mountains and the ground definitely gets sharper when I use the slider. I even noticed a little bit of a 'halo' effect you can get from sharpening filters on the edges of Arthur's fingers when he holds a business card. It isn't going to fix everything - Rockstar was pretty aggressive with the Depth-of-field, Bloom, Motion-blur combo in this game.
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