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  1. I’m riding a horse I purchased before losing access to the stables and I’m fully bonded to it. I’ve got no active bounties in any area but Blackwater. Super weird, only thing I can think of is it happened shortly after I killed a few horses trying to prevent a gang leader from escaping. Super annoying and no idea how to fix it..
  2. All the stables act the same way, same behavior at every one
  3. Wondering if anyone else has lost access to all stables? I’m about half way into the story and was able to purchase before. May be because I shot a few horses to prevent a gang leader from escaping. I got an animal cruelty bounty but paid it off. I have no remaining bouties active. I’m able to ride into the stables but when I try to engage a stable master I don’t have any dialogue options. Anyone seen something similar? Any ideas on how to resolve or what else it could be?
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