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  1. Damn bro I hope everything works out on ur end! I can’t believe Howmuch of a hassle it is to obtain content we’ve paid top dollars for and didn’t receive! Straight Fukn bullsh*t!
  2. Brah!!! Fukn clowns these people! I give up already. First n last I pre order a $100 game!! Smh. I give you prop for trying all over to get a decent answer..
  3. @Jackthestripper update us if that works for you. May have to do that to my xbox but I dnt want to if it doesn’t even work. Hence my internet is acting up and slow af rn.
  4. Im not sure if it’s the same if I’m running it on a Xbox one. I was only able to delete the game and load it again. With no positive results.
  5. Sucks to know how many others who have paid the extra money for the bonus content and lead to no problem solving solutions. I’m also another victim short of the free guns,talons,outfits, and other stuff. Only received my war horse. Just looking for the fix. Completed chapter2 did deleting game and reinstalling.. checked the content settings.. nothing. HELP WANTED
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