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Selling fish?


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Ok, so I met the guy who gives you the legendary fish map. He also gives you his card. Anyway so I know you mail him the legendary fish for money (or I assume that, I have not caught one yet), but when he is talking to you, he says you can mail him any fish over 24 inches long and 10 lbs in weight. So right after I met him, I caught a sturgeon well over 10 lbs. I then took it to the post office, went up to the guy you pay off bounties to, and could not figure out anyway to mail it. Do you have to take it somewhere else (not the bounty guy) to mail them? Or can you only mail the legendary fish to the guy? I guess that is what I am assuming but then I don’t know why he said the bit about over 24 inches long and 10 lbs? Anyone know anything about this?

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