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Third person walking/running


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First of all congrats to the Rockstar team in creating one of the most captivating games I have ever played!

where do other open-world games go from here... It's not just how huge you can make the world, it's how big of a team do you have to create interaction on a micro and macro level.  

The level of details and animation that's been created is a true work of art! 


Rockstar, I have played all your games and it’s been a wonderful part of my life…


If I may kindly suggest just one thing regarding animation/gameplay for the universe of RDR it would be the following:


Third person view -


There could be an additional animation speed between walking and running. Walking is very slow - perfect for indoors - and running is too fast - perfect for out in the open. When I am in some town I don’t want to have to run from store to store. It kinda breaks the immersion for me because nobody else is running in town. Also, the transition from walking to running seems too sudden - again, perfect for when you need to run for your life!


First person view -


When using this view, walking seems to have the PERFECT speed for going around towns and walking indoors.


If you could consider adding this pace to the third person view in the future I would be in your debt forever!


Greetings Miguel Russo Hart

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