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Letter to Rockstar..


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Firstly, Rockstar, thank you for a wonderful piece of entertainment in RDR2. If i began to name everything I dig about this game I'd never get to the beat of this topic. I'm hoping you can remedy a couple common gripes with a patch or later installments.

The movements, and especially in gunplay feel so stiff. I feel like GTA III and Vice City had fluid combat, comparatively. This is, as i remember, more akin to Manhunt and the later GTA titles (IV&V). Just fluidity of motion from joystick to camera would make a WORLD of difference to immersion. Also, the companion application needs help and further device support. It KILLS my s9 battery and for whatever reason, isn't dedicated-i have to go in browser. Maybe pay someone, third party, to further develop it because it's, and can be, so freaking handy. Please, the menu and Item Wheel, too, needs something- there has to be a better way. A better button to pul it up, even. Button mapping, too-my God, please, there's so many commands with meaningful context and timing necessities. Again, this game is damn near a masterpiece of entertainment. Hope the actors can better find ways to judge game distance for vocal inflection, pitch, and volume, in the future. Loving the writing. Adore the depth and score. Xbox One X, HDR enabled, 4K goodness- pre PC gorgeous. Thank you for all the times my ass will fall asleep. Thank you thank you

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