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PLS Read this(Spoilers)


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Alright last warning, if you haven't completed the game don't read this, alright.




So Arthur get's sick and eventually dies, but what if there is a cure? I was wondering whether that little house, where a witch I guess lives. There is some kind of a liquid that if you consume you pass out and wake up somewhere else on the map, could this possible be a cure for Arthur, has anyone tried this? I don't have the game saved at that point, please anyone.

I'm so annoyed by Arthurs destiny that I don't even wanna play the game anymore.

BONUS: Has anyone actually managed to do any side missions after completing the game? I have some Side missions that I was doing with Arthur, but haven't completed them and for some reason they are still on the map while you're playing as John, but if you go to it, it disappears. If you load the game up again they spawn back, if you use the train they disappear, I can't seem to find any side missions with John, just those small events. 


Thank you 

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