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New user, Im stuck


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hello. Im new as both xbox one and rdr2 user. Did some play in story then turned into online part.

During prisoner transport I was free'd by some men and broutht to a lady which husbond was prev. killed.

She wanted me to kill the 3 persons responsible for murder of husband.

During travel I passed a postoffice where a clerk gave me some info of a gang nearby who previously robbed the postoffice (as I understood it). I rode to the place, killed the gang except for one guy giving me a treasure map and by an accident I shot him too. I found the treasurechest and from there it seemes I cant go anywhere. Ive tried all directions but getting message that Im leaving mission and game stops giving me 2 choices. 


Sadly I cant remember where I started the mission neitgher howto proceed further or restart. Theres no marks in map of camps or other objects than the "cities".


Kinsdly advise. Regards

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