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Questions about online play


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Hi guys,

I am wondering if you can help answer a few questions for an older noob. Whilst playing RDR2 online I have no idea if what I am seeing is a perk or the game is broken.

1. People fade in and out like the predator but weapons cannot be locked on to them, but they can lock on to me. Is this a bug or a perk?

2. How do you increase the speed it takes to lock on to someones head? I have a had a large number of times I have got the lead on someone and they are able to put a head shot on me before my sight has gone red. Again is this a perk or me lagging?

3. On the same note as above people have been running in front of me and they are able to turn 90 degrees and get a head shot before my sight turns red.

4. I have seen some guys able to switch weapons much, much faster than me. Is there a way to set paddles to specific weapons rather than holding LB and then selecting the gun you want?

5. Why do so many people use the varmint rifle? I am not understanding the appeal.

Any tips or answers would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Hey there, loawercs. 

Gonna try and answer  your questions. Here we go.. 

1..it's a glitch.. Only arsehole, or cowards do it. 

2.. Try messing around with your settings. I find by pulling up slightly, it usually goes on or near the head. 

3.. If playing in 1st person, you can click the right thumbstick to do a quick 180.

4.. Getting older sucks. Your reflexes aren't what they used to be, and those darn whipper snappers are always gonna be faster than you. 

5.. While not as powerful as other Repeaters, the Varmint Rifle reloads very fast, and carries a substantial amount of ammo in its chamber. 

Hope these help. :)

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Thank you for your response. I have also noticed that whilst playing free for all that the enemies dots do not always show up on the radar, I am then killed and see the guys were next to me. Is this a perk or glitch? Also, do you know how to be hidden from the radar? I thought it was just crouching but it doesnt appear to work for me.


Thank you.

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