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Will There be a Character Swap Selection?

Rakmor Mazorrak

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I am wondering if there will be a character swap selection in RDRII Online, like in GTA V Online. If there will be I have some Ideas.

1. Selection Environment

*I would say the selection environment should be a pick between the two from two different cells in a Jail. Like how in GTA V, you were choosing between the two like you were a "eyewitness," trying to choose by who you remember seeing.


2. Animation after Choosing

*After choosing, my idea for realism will be that your choosen character will be released out of the cell (by a sheriff). After grabbing his/her things (maybe unseen- for to make it more short), the character will go to open the door leading outside. Then after grabbing the doorknob (maybe after the sound like it will open- *doorknob turning*) it goes into the loading screen.

3. Player Start Menu Button to Initiate Character Swap

*When going into the player menu in the start menu, since A is to selectB is to go Back, and X is to delete character- then Y should to be to initiate Character Swap Selection (for Xbox).

(PlayStation is probably- in order from before- X-Select, Square-Back, Circle-Delete, and Triangle- Character Swap Selection)


These are just ideas of how it can be done. I just pointed them out towards folk wanting more realism. Although I would consider a skip option, in case some might want to skip after awhile. But there will be some wanting a bit realism in this. Also it can be done due to most jails being small.

*Also this helps with wanting a second character because you don't always want to be the current character forever. This also helps with those wanting to do a new character for any reason... BUT don't want to get rid of their current mid (25-40) to high (50-100+) (<---level cap-my opinion) level character. Also if someone wants to make character, and they don't want to delete the first one just yet (for online beginning players).. They can create a second character to choose between the two they made.

If you want to, you can post in reply for other ideas that can relate to the character swap selection and work as well. I just think this would help ease and balance minds for people who feel they want a different character at times, don't you think? (Also since Beta- due to the faces going through masks/bandanas).

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