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Not showing my mission objectives after I've completed a mission?


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Hey everyone, I'm in the 6th chapter when this started happening. You know how after you complete a mission and it displays the mission objectives that you have completed? Mine is no longer displaying those task objectives and instead displaying the task objectives that are from a different quest. So I'll complete a main mission and then I'll get like a silver badge and I'll hold the start button to veiw what I did and didn't do and it will show me the task objectives of a side quest I did not finish yet. 
Minor sidequest spoilers


First it was displaying the dutchess and other animals side quest so I finished the first part of that one and thought I'd be good, now it isnt displaying that one but is now displaying the dinosaur bones one. And I cant finish that one right now because i see some are in and past backwater which I'm still wanted dead or alive in. 

End of spoilers
I cant find anything about this online and its ruining the experience. Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm playing on ps4.

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