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Magnifico hit by train during The Smell of the Grease Paint II



This happened to me yesterday. I was wondering if anybody had a similar encounter.

The mission started normally, Magnifico ran around creating clouds of smoke and finally ended up in a tree, but when he ran towards the train, things got weird. Normally, he should end up on the other side of the tracks, but this time he ran into the train and bounced off of it and was bleeding from his head. He crossed the tracks but then he froze; I was unable to interact with him.

After waiting several minutes, I went further up the road and found Marjorie and Bertram in their stagecoach. I couldn't talk to them so I decided to lasso Bertram, which made me fail the checkpoint, but at least it allowed me to start the checkpoint over so I at least got credit for completing the mission.


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