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My game glitched out in the hunting quests PS4



Hello guys,

After an 5 month break i decided to dive back into RDR 2.

Having completed 95% of the game i said let's try for 100%.

Amongst the leftovers i had yet to coplete, the 5 hunting quests you get in the train stations were among them.

I have successfully completed all 5 of them but no matter what i do THERE IS NO WAY TO RECEIVE THE INVITATION FROM Ms HOBBS.

Everything is checked out in the tasks log but nothing seems to trigger the invitation.

I have tried everything,

save, load the save and reload, i made sure that the inventory was empty , all remaining carcasses are sold, i have also fast travel all around the map, i have slept for days and days as well as just standing idle for many ingame days.


Any suggestions guys?

There is no bloody way or restarting the whole game just for that so please any feedback or advice will be highly appreciated.

Thank you all for your time.

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