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Australia Fixed Wireless/Mobile Disconnect Solutions


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For anyone who doesn't have the time/inclination to read the full thread - skip to No.4 below, the emboldened section for the work-around that has currently allowed me to connect and play RDO.  I still disconnect a lot more than most, but this has enabled me to play the game AT ALL.


1. What this thread is about and for.


Hello everyone.  This is pretty niche but I can't find any comprehensive resource that has offered any help to those poor souls who are trapped using Australian Fixed Wireless or Mobile internet to play RDO.  Some of the information that I already have might prove useful to people in other parts of the world who live in remote areas where a wired connection isn't available.


I am not a technical person or a teleco expert.  My knowledge is incredibly limited.  I want to collect as much specific information about the Rockstar P2P hosting in RDO that will be useful to people far more technical than me when it comes to finding a viable fix to CONSTANT disconnects.  It's very likely that we will suffer regular disconnects, but with the measures I've already taken I've brought my play time from 1-3 minute sessions with maybe 1 out of 10 connections holding for 20 minutes to most of my sessions lasting at least 10-15 minutes and sometimes a few hours.  From unplayable to playable.  From me wanting to pour my morning coffee into my xbox to me actually having time in game to brew a pot of coffee.


If you have information about P2P hosting specifically viewed through the lens of a fixed wireless connection please share your expertise here.  If you know enough about Networking that we might be able to @you with theories or questions about possible solutions, please throw your hat into the ring in this thread and say hello.


If you play on Fixed Wireless and are staying connected for sessions of more than 30 minutes consistently : please say "hello" in here.  Even if you don't have any solutions to offer, just being able to @you and find out if there is any specific hardware or ISP that is a huge improvement over others would be useful.


This thread will be a constantly curated work-in-progress for as long as I can retain the will to live with RDO.


2. The problem:


I use Fixed Wireless internet.  This means that though I'm using an Ethernet cable from my xbox to router/modem - I have a satellite dish ontop of my house pointing at a cell tower a few miles away because there are no wired connections where I live.


What is Fixed Wireless? - https://www.whistleout.com.au/Broadband/Guides/nbn-fixed-wireless-everything-you-need-to-know


For services that use dedicated servers (I.e almost literally ANY other online game in the present day) - I can remain connected with absolutely no issues.  My variable wireless connection might make my ping spike or give me the occasional burst of packetloss but it is an incredibly rare day when I simply CAN'T remain connected to a game of Apex Legends for example.  When I cannot remain connected to games that use dedicated servers, it is 100% of the time an infrastructure issue or severe weather event. 


With RDO if I don't jump through a lot of hoops (hoops detailed below) I return to the situation of simply not being able to stay connected to the game for more than roughly 200 seconds consistently.  This is because the game uses P2P hosting in some way that I've yet to fully understand.  From what I've had explained to me - multiple users host parts of the map for all the players.  You're sending information direct to other uses instead of transmitting it to a central server and having the info then disseminated to each user from the server.  Because RDO doesn't seem to group users strictly by region - this means that I'm often connecting to games with people from Europe and America in them.  I can't get any solid information out of Rockstar about how their servers actually work or how their matchmaking can be manipulated so that I connect to hosts from my continent.


3. The work-arounds and supposed fixes offered by Rockstar:


All I've managed to get out of Rockstar so far are boilerplate responses about general Xbox housekeeping and the suggestion that I open certain ports.  With 3 or 4 separate tickets asking specific questions about their server structure and if there's a way I could force my game to only connect to other hosts from my continent I got no specific answers.  All Rockstar support are capable of doing is regurgitating in various arrangements and levels of quality the info in this article:




4. The work-arounds offered by other users that have yielded varying levels of results


The only thing I've done that has offered me a HUGELY significant increase in time-connected to the game is to constantly ping a Telstra test server on my laptop whilst playing the game on my xbox.  I would love anyone here to explain exactly WHY this works, but as I've had it explained to me - on Fixed Wireless infrastructure, people are shunted from 1 part of it to another as the ISPs shuffle users around their allotted capacity on any one cell tower.  P2P services sharing information doesn't stop the ISP doing this, but if they detect that you are downloading a file, they will stop or delay the process of moving you channel-to-channel so that your download can complete.  Pinging the Telstra server apparently tricks the ISP's technology into thinking that I'm downloading something.


This pinging process uses 32 bytes per ping.  You will be able to run it for hours and and hours and hours before you use 1mb of data by doing it.


Guide Below:



Open a command prompt window on any windows PC.  On the Windows 10 start menu its location is as follows:


Start > Windows System > Command Prompt


Once in there you need to find a server that you can ping regularly and type the following command into the window you just opened then press enter:


ping -t


((Note : You can use any DNS server instead of the IP address above. or should yield the same results, I just use the Telstra one at the minute.))


Other suggestions from users which have anecdotal backing for improving your connection stability:


Clearing Alternate MAC address on xbox.  I don't know why this would work but clan-mates report that they do this every few days and it helps.  I don't know why the Xbox would need an alternate MAC address or what clearing it really does, but I do this out of blind faith to my friends and technological superstition.  If anyone knows why this would/wouldn't work or what it is even doing, please explain in a reply.



Press Xbox Button > Settings > Network > Network Settings > Advanced Settings >  Alternate MAC address > Clear


Clearing Red Dead 2 Reserved Space. I don't know what this does or why it should work but again, fellow users swear by doing it every few days.  If anyone knows what it actually does and why it would/wouldn't help, please reply so I can flesh this out.



Press Xbox Button > Go to Red Dead 2 and then press START > Manage Game & Add Ons > Saved Data > Reserved Space > Clear Reserved Space


After each disconnect - close the game fully by pressing your Xbox button, highlighting Red Dead 2 and then pressing Start > Quit. 


The above results haven't done anything bad to my xbox/game so far despite having been done many times.  Other than the first work-around -  I can't categorically state that they're helping much, if at all, but at this point I believe other users are acting in good faith far more than Rockstar Support. 


If you've got any technical knowledge about the above work-arounds, even an explanation of HOW they're working/not working, please let me know so I can make this post better.



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