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Crashing after driver update


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my first few hours of red dead2 pc were fine, I’m on a budget build ryzen 5 1600 1060ti 6gig.


no crashing freezing or hiccups at all, mostly medium settings. The only issue I had at start was a weird super slow menu, as if I was on 5ps it was so slow.

i ran a benchmark and it magically stopped, I later updated my nvidia drivers and everything went Pete tong.

the menu slow down returned, I ran bench mark and things got worse, my graphics settings went to low for just about everything, I readjusted back to medium and continued to play, I crashed every few minutes barely getting anything done before crashing again and again like clock work.

its a little strange that the game ran fine before I updated drivers yet now I almost feel like I’m being pushed to go out and buy the cards recommended by nvidia that cost more than my car! 
the games unplayable with the constant crashing and I have tried making sure any firewall or antivirus software is causing issue. 

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