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**POSSIBLE SPOILERS** Sodom, Back to Gemorrha? Massive bug! Help plz!



Hi everyone,

So I have the PC game, my specs below are well above the minimum and I am running into a massive glitch in the Sodom mission.  Every time I try to do it (which is many, many!!)  The mission freezes.  Everybody just stops and sands there.  I can move around, but the game becomes non-functional.  It happened at the bank many times, then I finally got through that.  Once on the street though, it happened again.  I tried everything:  Changing view, lowering graphics to minimum, changing to Dx12 option, windows mode, etc.  Nothing helps.  It's so annoying, because there is a massively long horse ride just to get to town.  Has anyone out there encountered this issue?  It seems to be a game stopper, literally for me.  No other missions have been problematic.  Game runs super smooth on highest graphics otherwise.  It just seems to be this mission.   Can I skip this mission?  Has anyone been able to play through without this mission?  Thanks!

Specs:  MSI intel i7 @ 3.7ghz, Nvidia 1070 with 8G ram, 2 terebytes of RAM. 




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