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Red Dead Redemption 2 VRAM problem, 'other apps' using all memory


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I went into the graphics settings of Red Dead Redemption 2 and there is a message in the description of every graphics setting that says that 'other apps' are using too much memory, and it says that these 'other apps' are using 4294962933 MB of memory. I know that this isn't possible, and it is not allowing me to change any of the graphics settings.


My AMD Radeon Software and my computer's Advanced Display Settings say that I have 2048MB of VRAM, but my dxdaig says I only have 2033mb of Dedicated Memory.

The 1st photo is my computer's specs.  I know they're on the low end for running this game, but I have been running this game since it came out on PC (Nov/2019), and I've only been having this issue for a few days.  There was an update around the same time the issue showed up, but would that change the required VRAM for the game?


The 2nd photo is a screenshot of the official requirements for the game.


Thank you,


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only difference between our two laptops is i have 16gb installed. im running into the same issue after latest update. it has happened once before but i was able to correct it by deleting the settings folder in documents but after the latest update i am no longer able to do so. i filed a ticket with rockstar support and they basically told me my pc didnt meet the minimum requirements to run the game.

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