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Bored Exploring

Karnel Noledge

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Ok anyone that knows me and my game style will tell you I love to find things. Mostly places that are hard to get to. I love going high Saint Denis getting on the roofs and sniping the law or other NPC’s rarely will I take a shot at another player. 
My problem started 2 days ago the started “cheating” to kill my character there are at 4 places the law can’t get a shot at you on the rooftops. Once my bounty was over $20.00 (you do the math .10 cents a kill) all the sudden a ghost lawman or ghost bounty hunter appears and shots me. He/it had no way to get to the place I was in yet bang I’m dead. 
Has anyone else felt the wrath of the game being frustrated and not being able to reach you?

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