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Graphics settings issues


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So after not playing for a while I decided to finish the story. Since then I've seen they implemented the Vulkan graphics API. Here is my issue:

I am unable to customize the graphics settings on my PC. I am only able to choose from the preset graphics settings. The moment I change something else, like for instance I want to adjust a certain preset that I have High lighting instead of Medium, the game suddenly slows down to like 0.3 fps, when it enters the "are you sure you want to keep these settings" screen. I am able to confirm these changes by ramming my enter key, that even while the game is very very slow it still registers keystrokes and clicks. The game stays like this too and I have to ctrl alt delete to get out of it. When I reboot the game, none of the graphics settings I applied earlier have been saved, and the moment I try to change them, the immense slowdown happens again.


Anyone have any idea how to fix this? I am running an i7 8750H and a 1060GTX 6GB

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