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RDR2: Game studdering after 24 hours of inactivity


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I have a huge problem with the game crashing after 24 hours of inactivity! It works without any problems, playing on the computer, even when I play 5 hours without break it doesn't start to toddle or to bug. BUT I do not play every day and when I want to replay after some time, like 2 - 3 days later, the game starts stuttering! It's no graphic problem, I have excellent graphics and my PC has enough power. So, I searched millions of solutions to get rid of this extreme studdering : reinstalling the game, checking the pilot for my graphics, updating my graphic cart, updating everything I can find, looking at the power the game needs, etc. NOTHING helps, I really tried everything. THE ONLY SOLUTION I could find is to REINITIAL the PC: so I had to reinstall the game, reinstall all my application, etc. and the game worked perfectly till I am inactive again for 24 hours and it restarts bugging. BUT I really do not want to reinitial the PC every time I want to play RDR2.

I ask you all if you know this problem and could help me!

My computer information (Laptop-NUDN7JKP, producer HP, x64)

Processor : AMD Ryzen 7 3750H with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx, 2300 M

Graphic cart : Nvidia Geforce Gtx


If anyone coud help me with this problem, that would be a miracle. Personnally, I think it isn't a graphic problem or computer problem. Maybe STEAM? I'm playing it on steam! Or just a problem from Rockstar Games?

Thanks for every usefull answer!


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