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Using the Hunting Wagon to identify the Panther/Cougar spawns!

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Alright, I wanted to start this out by saying this method is made to save time hunting by hunting animals that give more products for Cripps to use and it isn't just me throwing carcasses in the wagon whole hunting.


This method essentially shows the exact spawn location as well as a method that you can use to hunt panthers and cougars easily. It's basically an easy way to farm these animals. I'm hoping by posting this that it'll save you some time and it'll help you identify a pattern that'll aide you in hunting animals.


The first video is from a live stream from my  Twitch account and it gives some visuals to what I'll try and breakdown as best as possible so others can understand it easily.


Prior to the update, I developed a method that allowed for players to use their hunting wagon and place it next to a static location where cougars/panthers/grizzlies were about to be killed by simply knowing they appeared in a exact location. The Naturalist DLC changed the spawn locations for a lot of the aforementioned predators and caused the spawn locations to be dynamic AND causing the ability for you to identify if it spawned, to be a lot more difficult. 

I went back into our 'lab' and tried to find ways to make it work again and I was successful in finding an easy to identify location for the Panther in Hennigan's Stead, panthers in southwest Scarlett Meadows and cougar spawn locations in Gaptooth Ridge, Cholla Springs, Rio Bravo, and North Tall Trees. I'm working on a video for each but you'll see the Scarlett Meadows Panther spawn in the video below. I'll use more videos to get the rest out but check it out and hopefully it helps out. 



Furthermore, from start until 13 minutes U have panther spawns and my friend joined the session and messed up the spawn so your can jump past to 39 minutes after and go from there. 

Thank you for your time. 




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