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Need your thoughts on M.2 NVMe 100% usage spike then crash at mission check points


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Greetings all.

What do you think about this???
 in game play during a mission and it hits a check point , My 500gb M.2 NVMe drive hits a 100% usage spike and RDR2  freezes. 
At that point the CPU usage is about 38%  and the Ram usage is at about 7gb of 15gb+ available. GPU ram hits about 2.9gb

My system
Ryzen 3200G APU running at 3.6ghz

Gigabyte B450 motherboard

16gb of Gskill RAM running stable at 2933 mhz

TEAM 500gb M.2 NVMe 

Sapphire R9 280x dual at stock speeds

Windows 7pro SP1 with all DRX and Dot Net and C+ updates

All Hardware drivers are up to date and WHQL certified.

The game averages a very playable 32fps
at low settings and High textures at 1080p

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