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Does anyone else think that Rdo is better than Gtao?


A long time ago probably 2015/2016 I was obsessed with gta online a friend let me borrow her gta V copy for awhile and I was so into it...I tried going back yesterday/today and...I don't know it kind of...sucks in comparison to rdo. To be fair I've NEVER played any gta games so maybe that makes it harder for me.. I don't hate it..it's just not as good as rdo to me. That could be because I'm writing it off early and not giving it a fair chance. Idk what I'm supposed to do in gta online exactly..besides missions joining the random ones. I feel like rdo has A LOT of potential of what they can do with it going forward. I do like that the clothing options and make up options are much more varied than rdo. I don't have anyone to really talk to about it so I'm posting it here. I hope this is the right place to post this  essay writer

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I wholeheartedly think that RDRO is better than GTAO and here are my reasons:


I've played countless hours of GTAO and I'm lvl 900+. Would've been higher but the deployments set me back a few years. Anywho, the community is very toxic there. Everything is just so damn angry, and annoying. The grind and money grab is so endless that it's numbing. Grinding crates, to heists, and the constant griefing in sessions is highly annoying compared to the players who help each other out on RDRO. 


I've been fortunate to have a running crew for 7+ years that helped me get to where I am so a lot of the easy counters that most would reply to my post are nullified by me having a great crew and a great community to run with. It is just the overall game is toxic, is gaining more and more popularity the more I don't play it and I've but all but switched to RDRO because of the laid back feel, the easy going and the thrill of the Hunt. 


When I want to be chaotic and vile, I'll know where to turn to. Stay dangerous out there y'all ✌🏾🤙🏾

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