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Is Jamie Gillis a straight up psychopath, OR is this a common glitch?


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I'm working on my 2nd replay, a new world full of possibilities and choices. I was just completing the mission where you meet with Mary Linton for the first time, and she asks you to go get her brother Jamie from the cult he's joined. Well, all was good until I brought the boy back to the train station to reunite him with Mary. I hitch the horse we're sharing, he gets off and then BAM- he pistol whips the random horse next to ours for no reason whatsoever. The horse collapses, gets up then rides off, the whole time Jamie is pointing his revolver at it until its gone. No dialogue available during this time. Then I realized, the exact same thing happened on my first playthrough! It's likely that some error occurred where the horse was seen as an attacker to  omegle  xender Jamie, and it happened twice. But at the same time, I have a strong suspicion that the "sweet kid" is an animal hating sociopath. Anybody else experience that?

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