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Red Dead Redemption Online bug, need help


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I am pc player of RDR2 ONLINE. Today I encounter different bugs which I can't find any solutions still. 

1. My metal detector stopped working, no sound no light flashes. Although I'm in right location and my friend can dig but I couldn't. My collections are all sold at that time so I'm empty. Does anyone know what to do in this situation? 

2. I've done quick draw pass and my rank is 25. Still I didn't receive any outfits like rushword shirts black & white variant. In my progress it shows that I've completed my quick draw pass my in my wardrobe there is no rewards which came from this pass. 

I verified my game files in Epic Launcher and log out & login in rockstar launcher but the problems are still there. Please help me if you know what to do. TIA

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