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PC Keyboard delay issue - Please help for cookies


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Hi folks,

For the past week I've been having this really weird and annoying issue that is confusing the hell out of me! Whenever I use my keyboard, fe the WASD keys, as soon as I take my finger off I will continue to move for a good 5-10 seconds. In this time I cannot interrupt the last action of the keys, so if I press w for a few seconds, then I press esc, I will have to wait roughly 10 seconds before the menu pops up. Completely unplayable.

Everything works completely fine when plugging in a controller though! I was hoping to play with my keyboard though as I'm shite with controllers. 

Anyone come across a similar issue here? no other games are effected so it isn't a malfunctioning keyboard. I really want to play this game finally!! 

Thanks! I am willing to perform nasty rewards to the one who helps me!! 

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