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Broken aim assist/ KOTC hack


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So I have noticed that my aim assist does not work in King of the Castle against certain players.  Strangely, it does work against most other players, just not a select few (shall we say) 'higher ranked' players.  Is this a hack or something? I am playing on xbox if that matters.  The weird part is, they are able to auto-aim and PIB headshot me, yet I can't return the favor.  I have no problem getting my butt kicked against other players (and frequently have in the past lol) as long as we're all playing by the same rules.  My suspicions are that this is a hack of some sort.  This is due to the fact that the player in question was blinking as though he had just respawned (like after being killed) in KOTC, yet the post-game results showed that he never actually died in the game.  That, coupled with my aim assist not working on him or his posse-mate, has me thinking hack.  Any thoughts or ideas?

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