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Story Mode: after 100% completion, New Austin Map still not loading


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Hi, has anyone found an answer to this problem? Im still writing rockstar about it. Going back to the shop that sold the disc will probably end up embarassing (for me) and futile. Should i just buy another copy? It just breaks my heart because i really like this game. I have put a waypoint into the empty void where New Austin is supposed to be. I have ridden there, but the town seems deserted. Only the sheriff icon is present.

Oddly enough, is it normal after 100% completion for the side missions/stranger missions to disappear?  Was this intentional so that we'd have to go online  to play some more? 

The bottom of the disc is clean. No scratches. I bought it brand new. I was even able to redeem the gold bars that the game came with. Got any ideas? 

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