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Wilderness Camp Not Working



Hey Folks,

So I'm currently playing Chapter 2 story mode, and this is what happened :

I had set up a camp in the wild and was scrolling through the crafting list, suddenly I was ambushed by 3 bounty hunters, to defend myself I quickly left the camp, got on my horse, killed those bounty hunters and when I returned to the camp, it literally didn't allow me to do anything. I could craft, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't tear down the camp and I also couldn't set another one up. I left the area hoping it would be fixed itself, and after 2 real life days and some time playing, I decided to set up a camp in another area, but it wouldn't work, the camp item from my satchel is grey, same as the "use" button. I tried to search for my old camp on the map but I can't find it, it's also not written down on the "index" list

So, what am I supposed to do? (PS5 BTW)

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