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ability cards and playing with my hubby - 2 questions



Hi, there - I've searched and searched but cannot find info on the following. Can someone please help?

1. I just started online last week after playing story mode. I'm enjoying it a lot. Since it was September, I was grinding the Collector role and so ranked up to about 57 (?). Anyhoo, when I look at the ability cards available under the passive slots, I am not seeing any of the blue or green ability cards, just the white ones. So the cards that most people suggest are not there. When/how do I get them?

2. My husband and I shared our XBOX for playing story mode. But he had his own game under his gmail account. I've signed up for XBOX game pass in order to play RDO. If he starts an online character under his gmail (but under this particular game pass), will that mess mine up? If he starts a new character now under his gmail with the same game pass and then we later get another XBOX so we can play at the same time, will he lose that character? I'm pretty sure we'll have to have two XBOX game passes? Will his already made online character transfer over to his new game pass?

Thank you in advance!


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