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The marauders

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Ok so first and foremost I’m looking for like minded individuals that are into the history of the old west and also are into semi  roll play, dress appropriately to the time (no ridiculous outfits ) but all for someone’s personal flair if it falls within  a realistic 1800s style. Back stories are absolutely welcome but not a must … but you should at least have an idea of who your character is.You should be able to hold your own in a fight hopefully that goes without saying. I’m kinda looking to put together a magnificent seven feel … meaning few different personas would be ideal . Right now the gang consists of Billy Colt ( my nephew) a young hot head, zeb grayhawk old ex confederate raider and myself John “mad dog” McCreedy (mookedog) gambler, gunslinger southern outlaw and unofficial leader . We are hard drinking, hard riding take no s**t  marauders .We are determined to live free and meet anyone or anything that threatens our way of life is met with extreme violence.We will pick up a bounty when we need some extra cash or rob a stage , horses, civilians or our good old uncle Leviticus Cornwall. We also have a moonshine business and also dabble in trading furs. We try to play as realistic as possible that means not sprinting everywhere on foot or gallup everywhere on the horse . We do not grief so if that’s your thing keep it moving . And you should also speak decent English . 

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Wanted to add a few more descriptions of the gang
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