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New player from The Netherlands here :) I've known about the games ever since the first one came out, but since I suck with controllers more intricate than the SNES one (I play everything on PC), I never played that game. I was very interested in RDR2 when it came out, but I didn't want to pay the full price, and gradually forgot about it until I saw a friend playing the game late November last year. I checked the Steam store and saw that it was on sale; 28 bucks for the Ultimate Edition, and I didn't waste a second in buying it, and it was one of the best choices I've ever made! I almost immediately fell in love with the game, often just sat here gaping at the visuals (Ultra graphics) and made all the classic mistakes everyone makes during their first playthrough.

I finished the game in about a month, with 86,6% completion, then took about two months to finish my second playthrough (93,9%), and I just started my third. This time I'll do the hunting for perfect skins for the satchels much sooner, get a Springfield Rifle with scope sooner so I can hunt properly, you guys know the drill. I'll also keep the raven black shire Hosea tells you to ride to Valentine this time. I'll spend a lot more time in Chapter 2, do the challenges sooner, go fishing a lot more, do as many treasure maps as possible, and basically have a good time. I'll not go to Mr. Downes to collect his debt so Arthur won't have TB yet, everyone at camp is in great spirits, etc etc.

Just wanted to say howdy afore I finish Chapter 1 and make my basic save for future plays, right after Dutch does his little speech at Horseshoe overlook! 🤠

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