Landmark Of Riches Treasure Hunt Guide

The release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC included some timed-exclusive content later made available on the PS4 and Xbox One. Among this new content are two additional treasure hunts - The Elemental Trail Treasure Hunt and the Landmark of Riches Treasure Hunt, which this guide is about. The former earns you a stat boosting trinket, while the latter helps you find gold bars.

Prerequisites: Landmark of Riches has no particular prerequisite to start. The hunt can be carried out right after you reach Chapter 2 in the game.

Rewards: 6 x Gold bars (equivalent to $3,000 in-game, once sold to the fence)

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Landmark Of Riches Map 1

The first map is found at the Obelisk point of interest in West Elizabeth to the north-west of Strawberry. If you go past Owanjila and then go slightly to the east continuing off-road, you will notice a pillar (Obelisk) on top of the hill. You can examine a plaque at the back of the Obelisk to retrieve the first map.

Treasure Map 1 Location
Treasure Map 1

Landmark Of Riches Map 2

The first map sends us to the Tiny Church point of interest which is located in Lemoyne, Bayou Nwa. The church is located in Lakay, just north of Saint Denis.

Treasure Map Location 2

Get on top of the building and search the miniature bell tower to retrieve the second treasure map.

Bell Tower on top of the tiny church
Treasure Map 2

Landmark Of Riches Map 3

Treasure Map Location 3

The second map shows a turtle with a broken shell, indicating a hole with some loose boards. This is a reference to the  the Mysterious Hill Home point of interest on a mountain in the Grizzlies East, Ambarino to the north-east of Fort Wallace and Bacchus Station.

You can find the map inside of a broken window with loose wooden boards on the roof of this house.

Broken window on the roof of Mysterious Hill Home
Treasure Map 3

Landmark Of Riches Map 4

Treasure Map Location 4

The third map is a reference to the great battle site known as Bolger Glade located in the Scarlett Meadows region of Lemoyne Territory. It is located east of Braithwaite Manor near the south-east corner of Scarlett Meadows.

Tree with a hole at the bottom

You need to look for a tree near a broken cannon. The tree is located just south of the letter "L" in the name "Glade" on the map. The tree will have a hole at the bottom, approach the tree and search it to retrieve the final map which will lead you directly to the treasure.

Treasure Map 4

Treasure Location

Treasure Location

The final map shows a clock and a mountain which is easy for some players to recognize if they have visited the top of Mount Shann earlier.

Giant Sundial atop Mount Shann. The rock circled in red is the one you need to examine in order to retrieve the gold bars

This map is a reference to the Giant Sundial located atop Mount Shann. Once you reach the Sundial, you will get a prompt to examine the rock. The Sundial location is right below the letter "S" of 'WEST ELIZABETH" word on the map. You will be rewarded with 6 gold bars which equates to $3,000 once you've sold the gold bars to a fence.

Rewarded with 6 gold bars

This Treasure Hunt is a good way to start off when being set loose in the open world. $3,000 in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a lot of money and will last you for quite a while in the initial stages.

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