Points of Interest Guide


Grizzlies East

Meditating Monk

The Meditating Monk point of interest is found in the top of the mountains found to the south of the gap between the "G" and "R" in Grizzlies on the map. The monk can be found on the cliff ledge on top of the mountain, and he's very easy to spot.

Face in Cliff

The Face in Cliff point of interest is found to the north of Moonstone Pond past the road coming from O'Creaigh's Run. The actual location you need is slightly difficult to reach as you must climb a steep mountain until you find a very small pathway. At the end of this small pathway, you will find the Face in Cliff as well as a lock box including an Apple, Guarma Rum, Jewelry, Special Health Cure Pamphlet.

Strange Statue

The Strange Statue can be found directly to the east of Donner Falls, slightly to the southeast of the "I" in Ambarino on the map. Here, you must locate a path that leads to a hidden cave entrance. Inside, you will find several statues that must be inspected.

Mysterious Hill Home

The Mysterious Hill Home can be found to the south of the "I" in Ambarino and slightly to the north of the nearby train track. The home may be difficult to spot as it's a part of the whole landscape and the roof is covered in grass.

Grave Site 9 (Eagle Flies Gravesite)

Like the other Grave Sites, this one can only be found after completing Chapter 6. It's located to the west of Donner Falls, to the south of the gap between the "R" and "I" in Ambarino on the map. Finding this grave is also required to unlock a trophy/achievement.

Grizzlies West


The Mammoth point of interest can be found near the Deadboot Creek and Spider Gorge rivers meet, to the northwest of the "M" in Ambarino on the map. Lying in the snow, you will find the remains of a mammoth.

Frozen Settler

The Frozen Settler is found on the highest point of Mount Hagen. Scale the mountain and get right on the "M" in Mount Hagen on the map. Inspect the remain of the man to not only make the point of interest recorded but also to get a special helmet.

Defaced Grave

The Defaced Grave can be found to the north of Barrow Lagoon, which is located directly to the northeast of Mount Hagen. The grave is found to the right of a small cabin on the lagoon's shore.

Strange Statues

The Strange Statues are found inside Window Rock. To reach this point of interest, you must get inside a large hole that can be found right on the "O" in Window Rock on the map. Search the cave to discover a painting on the wall.

Jenny Kirk Grave

The Jenny Kirk Grave is among the points of interest that can only be found after completing Chapter 6. The grave can be found near the northwestern corner of the map, right to the north of Spider Gorge on the map. Finding this grave is required to obtain a trophy/achievement and meet one of the 100% Completion requirements.

Davey Callander Grave

Like the Jenny Kirk Grave, the Davey Callander Grave can only be found after completing Chapter 6, and inspecting it is required to unlock one trophy/achievement and meet one of the requirements for 100% Completion. The grave is located to the south of Spider Gorge, near a point where multiple roads intersect.

West Elizabeth

Big Valley

Hermit Woman

The Hermit Woman is located in the northwestern of the corner, right to the south of the train track in West Elizabeth. Upon arrival at her cabin, the woman will set her dogs loose on you. After they have been killed you will get to take her down as well. Once all enemies have been taken care of, you must enter the camp to get the option to inspect it. Once you do, the point of interest will be registered.

Crashed Airship

The Crashed Airship can be found close to the westernmost train track in West Elizabeth, to the west of Little Creek River. The remains of the airship are inside a forested area.

Hidden Tunnel

The Hidden Tunnel is not too far from the Crashed Airship location. Head south from here, and search for a hidden tunnel that's located right on the map's border. Look to your right if you're coming from the north.


The Obelisk is located in the western part of the map, slightly to the northwest of Owanjilla Lake. It can be found on a hill, so it can be located from a distance without too many problems.

Native Burial

The Native Burial can be found to the south of the "B" in Big Valley and to the north of Owanjilla Lake. The grave is located in the center of a clearing surrounded by trees and it's not too difficult to spot.

Giant Remains

This point of interest is located right on the first "T" in West Elizabeth on the map, on top of Mount Shann. Get on the highest point of the mountain and then look underneath a small cliff.

Pagan Ritual

The site of the Pagan Ritual can be found northwest of Owanjilla Lake, right in the middle between the lake and the western train track. This point of interest is found in a rather big open area, so it's difficult to miss.

Faces in Trees

The Faces in Trees are also found very close to Owanjilla Lake, to the west of the "O" in Owanjilla on the map. The trees that can be inspected are part of a circle that is hard to miss. Head into the center of this circle to get the option to inspect the trees.

Whale Bones

The remains of a whale can be found very close to the Faces in Trees point of interest. Head slightly to the southwest from them until you reach the hills overlooking Owanjilla: on one of the hills, you will find the Whale Bones.

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