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Aztec Symbols

Inside the city of Blackwater are six Aztec Symbols which are actually an Easter Egg that make a reference to the Undead Nightmare of the original Red Dead Redemption. The first writing located in the passthrough tunnel off Main Street between the Blackwater Saloon and Mrs. Wilson's sweet shop, on the roof of the Grain & Feed building across from the post office, in a dead-end alleyway in the south-east corner of town and on a pylon on the north side of Blackwater Pier.

Aztec Writing 1


Aztec Writing 2

Aztec Writing 3

Aztec Writing 4

Aztec Writing 5

Aztec Writing 6

Tall Trees

Circus Wagons

The Circus Wagons can be found very close to Manzanita Post, right below the final "A" in Manzanita on the map. They are found to the left of the nearby train track, and they are very hard to miss.


The Wickiup camp can be found near Aurora Basin, to the west of the Tall Trees writing on the map. Head to the southwestern corner of the basin to find the remains of the camp.

New Austin

The following points of interest can only be inspected after completing Chapter 6, as you will gain safe access to the southern part of the map.

Cholla Springs

Donkey Lady

The Donkey Lady can be found a little to the south of the gap between the "U" and "S" in New Austin on the map, on the same height as Mercer Station. The woman can be found inside Two Crows village leaning against an old well.

Flying Machine

The Flying Machine point of interest can be found right to the south of the "P" in Cholla Springs on the map, to the west Armadillo. The point of interest is found very close to the road to the south.

Gaptooth Ridge

Jesuit Missionary

The Jesuit Missionary can be found to the west of the "N" in New Austin on the map, in the northeastern corner of the Sea Of Coronado. The man is located near the highest point in the area.

Rio Bravo

Sperm Whale Bones

The Sperm Whale Bones are the final point of interest in the game. They are located to the north of the "I" in Rio Bravo on the map, to the right of the road leading north.

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